Smart Africa and Kommlabs Pte Ltd partner to launch KOMMTRACE Solution across Africa

Smart Africa and Kommlabs Pte ltd are announcing a partnership to launch the KOMMTRACE initiative across Africa.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every country with business closures, lockdown and curfews. While significant resources are being spend to curb the spread, business, schools and government services are still impacted and are operating at reduced capacities.

In response to this, Smart Africa and Kommlabs Pte Ltd have entered into a MoU, to enhance the deployment of the KOMMTRACE solution to its member states across Africa for supporting to contact tracing with Corona Virus symptoms.

“The KOMMTRACE solution answers a number of patient questions that we have had regarding contact tracing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We needed to develop a contact tracing solution where our citizens didn’t need to own expensive equipment to use it nor would our governments’ needs to invest too heavily, KOMMTrace answers this questions efficiently”. Said Lacina Koné, Director General of Smart Africa.

“We delighted to have to have partnered with Kommlabs Pte Ltd and are ready to launch a pilot of the KOMMTRACE a powerful digital tool to aid contact tracing, even though vaccines may become available in the coming months, we are far from the end of the pandemic and must continue to use all innovative technological tools at hand”.  Director general Koné added.

Karanvir Singh, CEO of Kommlabs Said: “App based contact tracing has had known some limitations across the world for many reasons. For one, citizens are reluctant to download yet another app and are very concerned about their privacy. Apps can also disable and do not provide any effective level of contact tracing, also apps are not suitable for developing countries where a large part of the population uses a feature phone or doesn’t own a phone.”

Karanvir Singh, CEO of Kommlabs in Media briefing about KOMMTRACE

The KOMMTRACE tag is the size of an ID card and can be comfortably worn around the neck. The tag does not need to be switched ON or OFF or charged, making it very easy to use by citizens of all ages just like mask, and is easily visible, this helps ensure compliance to the benefits of the whole society.

This must be used by required no additional infrastructure, be easy and quick to deploy, require no maintenance, not even the need for charging, require no user training and ensure complete privacy.

The founders expect to contribute in Contact tracing with one who affected by the Corona Virus and with who have the symptoms, where it gives signal or signs so that to be self isolated by being tested COVID-19.

Karanvir Singh, CEO of Kommlabs and Lacina Koné, Director General of Smart Africa in Media briefing about KOMMTRACE

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